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Bad surprise in porting apps from Ubuntu 18 to Ubuntu 20

  • I have just been installing QT 5.15.0 on a new laptop and started to port my application but had a weird surprise.
    Probably i made some installation error but couldn't find it.
    No errors during compilation but crash when creating the application , that happens for any application, the following is what i collected from the debugger:
    1 __GI_raise raise.c 50 0x7ffff6bb918b
    2 __GI_abort abort.c 79 0x7ffff6b98859
    3 qt_message_fatal qlogging.cpp 1914 0x7ffff700750c
    4 QMessageLogger::fatal qlogging.cpp 893 0x7ffff700750c
    5 init_platform qguiapplication.cpp 1254 0x7ffff63a67b0
    6 QGuiApplicationPrivate::createPlatformIntegration qguiapplication.cpp 1481 0x7ffff63a67b0
    7 QGuiApplicationPrivate::createEventDispatcher qguiapplication.cpp 1498 0x7ffff63a6abd
    8 QCoreApplicationPrivate::init qcoreapplication.cpp 834 0x7ffff72170c3
    9 QGuiApplicationPrivate::init qguiapplication.cpp 1527 0x7ffff63a94ec
    10 QApplicationPrivate::init qapplication.cpp 513 0x7ffff78cf7c9
    11 main main.cpp 7 0x555555557505

    Any hints will be greatly appreciated

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    How did you install that Qt exactly? Make sure your platform plugins are in order, especially the xcb plugin.

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