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imx6dl - Could not find eglfs plugin

  • Hello, I'm facing a weird eglfs plugin issue for 2 days. Currently I'm using Qt 4.8.6 on imx6 board, our app runs on it very well. I decided to upgrade Qt 5.13.2, I've compiled from source successfully, no problem so far. I've created widget and QML project for testing with Qt 5.13.2 and I saw the result on imx6 board. I meant Qt deployment files located on imx6 board. Because I can run the applications. But, I want to convert Qt 4.8.6 project to Qt 5.13.2. I've compiled without any error. I put the executable file on device, but it could not run. It gives "This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem" error.

    I compared test and project application outputs and I saw a difference while loading the plug in.

    Test application output line (it runs well)
    Got keys from plugin meta data ("eglfs")

    My old application output line (it doesn't run)
    Got keys from plugin meta data ()

    The deployment files are located on device. But why I see this error? What is the problem. Any idea about that?

  • Solved, in fact I don't know the exact reason. I just checked some static libs in my project and changed a little bit.

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