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Online installer downloading useless information

  • So, I'm trying to quickly download qt on an OS i don't frequent, So in the online installer i only select what is needed. The exact version and compiler i need.

    I have slow internet, so it shouldn't take too long right. WRONG

    Qt thinks that it's mandatory that i have not only ALL the documentation installed to my machine not thinking that the other 3 computers i have already have this documentation, they also force you to have ALL the example code as well.

    Why is all this useless bits of information being sent to my machine which I'm going to erase the second the installer has grabbed exactly what I need.

    Why force me to download something I'm never going to look at?

    Not just that you download it first, as if it the most important part of Qt.

    Lets have a look at the details, of 508 archive downloaded
    232 of them are Documentation
    130 of them are Examples
    146 of them are arguable what i wanted/needed

    So why are 362 pointless archives being downloaded to my machine? using my bandwidth and disk space? Why are they not an optional download for those people that are actually interested in having them.

    Is there a secret option to not download these archives?, if so why is it not more prominent?

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    @jnewbon You forgot to mention what you are going to do with Qt.
    If you're software developer and want to develop software then I don't know what is the problem to get the documentation and examples.
    So, what is your use case?

    "not thinking that the other 3 computers i have already have this" - the online installer does not know anything about your other 3 computers...

  • The problem is that the download of docs and examples is mandatory. i have no choice in the matter, and when it takes about an hour for the download to happen and all i see is
    "Downloading Documentation... " Repeated 362 times, its very frustrating.

    My use case is I want to compile my software on windows. As there is a bug occurring specifically to windows. The bug is not in Qt's code but to debug my program I still need to compile with the Qt stuff installed.

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    @jnewbon If you already installed on other machines you could copy the Qt installation directory to your machine (in exact same location like c:\Qt). But I never tried that, so can't say for sure it will work.

    It would, for sure, be useful sometimes to have more control on what is installed. Currently this is not possible. But you can file a change request:

  • Other machines are different operating systems, Which is why i needed to install it on this one. Otherwise i would have. It would have been a lot easier too.

    I'm just glad the decision was made to entirely drop Qt in the next version.

  • Thought is add an update to this, found a program called aqtinstaller, reduced the amount i needed to download as well and the annoyance of having to login. Didn't eliminate everything i didn't need but took the download time from an hour to about 5 mins (once I choose the right mirror)

    Might be able to change the mirror in the online installer, tbh I didn't look I was too annoyed with it at that point to ever want to use it again.

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