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Bold QStringlist

  • What is the preferred way to create a bold QStringlist?

  • Qstringlist doesn't care about attributes like bold. That is the responsbility of how you render the string in in a widget. I "think" that if you add markup to the string such as QWidget::SetText("<b>bold text</b>") it would have the desired effect when rendered.

  • I have a QTableWidget and when I call setHorizontalHeaderLabels(head), where head is a QStringList, I want the header text to be set to bold. But using QStringList is probably not a good approach?

  • @Buller
    This has nothing to do with you setting the the labels from a QStringList.

    There are various ways of achieving the bolding. You access the header labels via QTableWidget::horizontalHeader(). Then you could either

    QFont font = tableWidget->horizontalHeader()->font();


    tableWidget->horizontalHeader()->setStyleSheet("QHeaderView { font-weight: bold; }")

    There are also ways of accessing individual header columns if you want that.

  • The stylesheet option works fine. Thanks.

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    Hi @Buller,

    thanks for the feedback. So please mark this topic as SOLVED now. Thanks!

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