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QSoundEffect output gitches with Alsa

  • Hi,

    I'am working on a custom board (based on i.MX6 processor) and have some troubles with QSoundEffect.

    With PulseAudio, the sound is working pretty fine (thus, no hardware problem).
    But for performance reason, i removed PulseAudio from DISTRO_FEATURES (I'am building the image with Yocto) and try to play sound directly with Alsa.

    Without PulseAudio, the hardware is still working, the aplay command works pretty well.
    But QSoundEffect runs into problems : the audio output is glitched.

    I put a scope on the audio output and see that the signal is periodically interrupted, which makes the glitches.


    Any idea to fix this ?

    Some more info, if required :

    • yocto version : thud
    • kernel version : fslc-4.14.78
    • Qt version : 5.11.3
    • audio device : tlv320aic3xaudi

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