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QtQuick in Qt 5 & 6

  • Hi all,

    For Desktop apps I use Qt Widgets and for mobile, Qt Quick. I know that for embedded, both of these may be used because of various platforms used for embedded with different specifications and resources.

    For Qt Quick, I guess Qt 6 is a big change and has great benefits. During last months I've been toying with Qt Widgets and now have time to turn also back to Qt Quick that I have some good experience on using it too.

    Now that I see Qt 6 is coming in few months, is it good to go for Qt Quick in Qt5 now or dedicate my whole time on Qt Widgets and wait for Qt 6 and then start continuing it with new features and changes, please?

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    Qt6 is the new Generation and will bring many changes but learning
    Qt5 Qt Quick will not be wasted as much of it will be exactly the same.
    The next-Gen QML will mostly fix shortcomings and overall harden the language.
    Add new features for performance and such but the core concept will not drastically change.
    This might give some hints

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    @mrjj as I understand, with Qt6 (one day ;-) we can use 3 slightly different QML variations:

    • Qt for MCUs: small footprint
    • strict QML: strong types, no JavaScript, all UI Controls compiled as C++ classes, better code-completion and code-checks while editing QML in QtC
    • dynamic QML: similar as Qt5, JavaScript, ... - but as before some checks only happen in Runtime, not QtC Editor

    @tomy - so it's a good idea to start with Qt 5. Best is to start with 5.15 because some new things from Qt6-QML are backported into 5.15 and you'll get infos about depricated parts so you can use Qt5 and prepare your app for Qt6

  • @ekkescorner

    Best is to start with 5.15

    Thank you. I use this book for QtQuick, and don't know if it's 5.15 or lower.

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    @tomy "This book provides you with a walkthrough of the different aspects of application development using Qt 5.12".

  • So how to learn QtQuick using Qt 5.15 then, please?

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    @tomy said in QtQuick in Qt 5 & 6:

    So how to learn QtQuick using Qt 5.15 then, please?

    Come on, there is not that much difference between 5.12 and 5.15.
    I don't see why you can't use this book...

    Also, books are not the only possibility to learn something. There is documentation and there are examples.

  • I can, but many small and big differences between Qt 5 & 6 made me rather worried and punctual on what to choose to continue on QtQuick. OK, thanks. I will pick up the book.

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