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Supress warnings/errors from Qt classes?

  • In my code I sometimes see warnings/errors from Qt classes - some of which I have no control over e.g .if I check that a socket is open and start writing to it, but underlying socket closes during that time, it will result in an ERROR entry in the log file. Similarly, if a png file is loaded with invalid profile, it will generate a invalid RGB profile warning.

    Even though program isn't affected by it, I want to suppress these errors without completely disabling logging in my project. Is there a way to suppress Errors/Warnings for specific or all Qt classes?

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    Not that i have seen.
    You can redirect qDebug/QWarning etc and also disable it , but not
    as on a pr class basic as far as i know.

  • @Taytoo
    You may be able to achieve what you want.

    Look at All [most! well-behaved!] messages go through here, including qDebug() etc. Although you cannot do something like "suppress messages from certain classes" --- the class issuing a message isn't even passed around as a parameter --- you might be prepared to recognise certain message texts and chose not to output them. That's the best you can do, which is what @mrjj was referring to with "You can redirect qDebug/QWarning etc".

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    One thing to take into account is that not all these warming and errors come from Qt. For example the png message comes from libpng directly.

  • @mrjj I already have a messagehandler that I use to write logs in custom format. Thought about filtering string in there but it'll add too much overhead comparing each string that's being written to log.

    @SGaist True about libpng, but that's just warning and is written only when the image is loaded, however, socket error is written out each time a socket closes unexpectedly while i'm writing to it. The error makes it look like something went really wrong but its just a benign message.

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    Use categeorized logging für your logs and all which has no category can be ignored.

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