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QPA plugins for Qt 5.6.3

  • Hi ,

    Our application is Qt 5.6.3 widgets based running on kernel 4.14 where the DRM driver replaces the fbdev driver on TI AM335x.

    As mentioned in, DRM dumb buffer is not supported in Qt 5.6 but only from Qt 5.9.
    Does it mean we cannot use LinuxFB as QPA backend using Qt 5.6.3 or need to set QT_QPA_PLATFORM=linuxfb:fb=/dev/fb1 to make use of DRM APIs for rendering Qt Widgets using LinuxFB as QPA? Also if we configure with DirectDB as QPA, does it works on the DRM APIs for rendering on kernel 4.14?

    In case of Qt Widgets using eglfs as QPA backend, let me know if it falls back to fbdev being deprecated(/dev/fb0 legacy systems) as there is no attribute to set to use eglfs or OpenGL using Qt Widgets?

    Please let me know if we need to enable any kernel config options to make use of eglfs and DirectFB backends even if we configure Qt 5.6.3 with the respective QPAs?

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