QT programs refuse to start on Windows 10

  • There are many programs using QT framework, which open up with no window on my computer (running up to date Windows 10): VLC, VirtualBox, Quassel IRC client, SpeedCrunch, https://showbox.bio/ https://tutuapp.uno/ https://vidmate.cool/ OBS Studio and probably more. PyQt applications work fine, though, e.g Arduino IDE.

    Opening up with no window means that e.g VLC plays sound, for some programs the taskbar entry is opened, some even get a zero-sized window with close button, but no usable applications show up. For some of these nothing shows up at all.

    Does anyone have ideas on how to debug or solve this?

  • I don't think it is a problem with Qt but more something about your particular computer. Those applications you mentioned have been tested on Win10 I assume. Also, it sounds like the programs work but have a zero-size or off-screen window.

    If you are able to create a new Qt program you can take a look at the data from resizeEvent and information from QDesktopWidget. It might point you in the right direction to finding the reason for this problem.

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    @ZacharySilas While your Qt based program is running (for example, when VLC is playing sound), use ListDLLs or Process Explorer to check which DLLs are loaded.

    I'm guessing that your programs are loading the "wrong" version of Qt DLLs which were installed into your global environment.

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