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TapHandler on android getting time held

  • Arlight, the value timeHeld when checked within onLongPressed seems to always be a random value less than 1 ideas?

    Also, when checking point.timeHeld onGrabChanged it always returns 0

    Update: couldn't get time from timeHeld so implemented our own timer on the backend side and are executing its subroutines from QML when needed (it's a real pity).

    Now, another problem, when user holds Tap-Area for few seconds onGrabChanged is not fired at all, instead.. 'onTapped' fires; what's going on here? Tried changing policies ->it's the same.

    On Android scenario:

    1. user taps -> long press is fired after some time
      now, we're after getting for how long it was pressed
      and now
    2. onGrabChanged would never fire if held for few seconds, instead
      3)onTapped fires AND the timeHeld within the event point param is ALWAYS 0.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Qeustion is : how to properly access timeHeld during a long-press/hold from QML

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