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Deploy Qt Application on macOS and Ubuntu.

  • Hi Guys!

    I have made application for my work - after hours project. It's simple application witch controls using BLE node with RGB Led's and you can set your working status: busy, occupied and free. Other co-workers could see that someone is busy and they should not disturb.

    Application is based on CMake written most in C++ and QML.

    This is link to gitlab project. : Work_indicator

    Now I have now a problem with distribution of this app. Could you share your's opinion about best practices of building Qt's application packages? Should I static link all libraries from Qt to this application or bring my own dependencies with package? Problem is that, Ubuntu 18.04 have old Qt packages 9.5.4 and I have written this app in Qt 14.2 so in system there are no't any dependencies compatible. I have read Qt documentation but there are no clear answer with solution is better. So please share with my you experience.

    Best Regards

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