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QtMultimediaKit ignores Wi-Fi connection

  • TL;DR QtMultimediaKit streams files only over 3G :(

    I'm having some issues with QtMultimediaKit and Audo/Video elements on Symbian (C7-00 with Anna update). The problem occurs when I try to play a video (or an audio file) from an URL-- app tries to activate 3G connection and download files over that. If I run the app in 'Offline' profile an 'Access denied' popup is shown while the rest of the app follows the profile and works accordingly (XMLHttpRequests issued from QML).

    I tried with both Video and Audio QML elements as well as QMediaPlayer class from C++, unfortunately, it fails in all cases.

    Item {
    Audio {
    id: audioPlayer
    muted: false
    autoLoad: true
    source: ""
    Button { text: "Play"; onClicked: }

    After a minute or so it should report NetworkError and 'Symbian:-34' in the 'errorString' property, which apparently stands for 'network connection closed'.

    Am I doing something wrong? Because I can't see why it's not working :(

    Also, possibly unrelated, I couldn't include 'bearer' and 'multimedia' modules in the same app, it spits some errors regarding QNetworkConfiguration being an incomplete type or something like that.

  • Hi, can you check "Settings->ApplicationSettings->Videos->Access Point In Use" and see if it will use wifi if you set that manually? I believe that you should be able to modify the access point to use via mobility APIs also, but I don't personally know how (bearer management APIs or system info APIs I'd guess).

    If you can't use bearer and multimedia together, that sounds ... like a bug. Can you post the full errors you see when you attempt to do so? I assume that you have all the required capabilities added to your .pro file?

  • That really did help, I wasn't even aware of those settings (they do feel a bit unintuitive). -- the other error occurs when I include bearer and multimedia APIs (MOBILITY += bearer multimedia) in the .pro file (with NetworkServices, ReadUserData and WriteUserData capabilities) and then #include <QMediaPlayer> and #include <QNetworkSession>. I guess the first few lines of the log say everything... I should have read them earlier :)

    Thank you for your help!

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