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Standalone Qt Designer Installation

  • Re: Standalone Qt Designer installation

    I want to develop GUI´s for applications running on a raspberry. I´m only interessted in Qt Designer. In the thread linked above someone posted a standalone installer. Did anyone ever tried such standalone installer? Are they verified by the Qt team?
    Since this is quite unclear to me I would prefer to use the Qt online installer and just install the necessary components therefore my main question is wether someone can tell me wich of the componentes I have to choose:
    I try too use as little disk Space as possible but try to have as smooth of a experience as possible so if you think I should add a not neccessary component for convinience please tell me ;)
    Thank you!
    PS: I´m going to use the Open Source Version.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @PhilipH The provided Designer stand-alone installer is not official.
    It should be enough to install QtCreator to use QtDesigner, no need to install Qt.

  • @jsulm Thank you for your answer.
    So the things I already selected plus the Qt Creator 4.12.2 Debug symbols and Plugin Devolment is all I need?

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    @PhilipH If you only need Designer then there is no need to install debug symbols (do you want to debug QtCreator?). Also, plugin development is not needed.

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