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Mouse Over changing focus

  • I have a main window that has an open modal dialogue which has in turn opened a second modal dialogue.

    If I move the mouse over the main window it grabs focus and the 2nd. dialogue is thus completely obscured.

    The parent of the first dialogue is a QWinWidget whose parent is a child of the main window and the parent of the 2nd. dialogue is the 1st dialogue.

    What do I need to do to stop this annoying behaviour?

    Thanks, David

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    QWinWidget ? so this is Qt4.8 ?
    And what platform do you run the app on ?

    Could be a bug in QWinWidget as it sounds very strange that the main window should grab focus just by mouse
    hovering unless you have code take the focus on hover event.

  • Qt level is 5.12.8 not 4.8. Platform is Window 10.

    I've certainly got no code to handle focus like that. The source of QWinWidget does appear to mess with focus.


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