QJSValue engine() deprecated in Qt5.15

  • Hello,

    I am using C++ to interpret some callable QJSValue coming from QML as callback functions.
    Currently, i was using the engine() function to add parameters to those function like this:

    QJsValueList args;
    args << callable.engine()->toScriptValue(aValue);

    Now the engine() function is deprecated.
    How can i get the callable engine, as if i use an other engine to create the value, it is not possible to use the call(..) function with it?

  • I do not have a real answer for that. But I also use QJSValue callbacks a lot, and I think that this is a very important pattern (which is not so well supported by Qt unfortunately).

    Im my case, the C++ function is always a method of a QObject exposed to QML (either via singleton or it is instantiated from QML). In both cases, you can get the engine via qjsEngine() on that object:

    class App : public QObject {
        Q_INVOKABLE void doSomethingAsync(QJSValue callback) {
            auto engine = qjsEngine(this);

  • @Kai-Nickel said in QJSValue engine() deprecated in Qt5.15:


    Thanks, Kai.
    I didn't know the qjsEngine function.
    I am in the same use case as you, so that should do the trick.

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