Event handling from Barcode Scanner

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    Hello guys, I need some help. I am trying to get barcode value from the barcode scanner and then query the database and fill my table for the POS as in the diagram attached. I have been battling for a while on how to go about it. The first approach was to have the line edit capture the barcode then it returns the product and populates it on the table. The second approach was to have the barcode in the stock ID and have a function to fetch it from the database. My question is:
    I haven't been able to automatically fetch data without pressing enter for both cases to have the data fetched from the database as in the supermarket. Using qtablewidget item changed requires me to press enter after obtaining the barcode which is not supposed to be the case. Can anyone help me on how to go about this? Thank you in advance.

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    How is your barcode scanner device seen ? As a keyboard ?

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