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Has anyone gotten QSerialPort to work with a USB-to-serial adapter?

  • Hi all. I need to communicate with external devices serially through USB. I have a USB-to-serial adapter (Prolific chipset, similar to FTDI devices), but the Qt serial-enumeration example doesn't show it. It only shows Bluetooth serial ports (under Mac OS 10.15.5).

    I know the device is working, because I can send stuff through it with a terminal. Anybody know why the Qt serial classes don't see it, or how to get it working?


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    Hi @Stokestack,

    which Qt version are you using?

    Note that even if you can't enumerate the device, you might still be able to use it with QtSerialPort if you know the name.


  • I don't know how it is on macs, but on Linux e.g. if you wire up e.g. an USB serial device like an arduino or something it will show up under /dev/ttyACM0 instead of /dev/tty# so the device path differs in between "normal serial ports" and USB ones.

  • Thanks for the replies, guys!

    It actually works now (Qt 5.15.0). I had heard the Apple driver was janky, so I always unload it before using my serial program (called Serial)... but Serial has its own driver. So the rest of the system was left without one.

    After a shambolic run-in with a defective driver from Prolific (DO NOT install Prolific's PL2303 driver; it will brick your Mac), the Apple driver was re-enabled and the Qt serial examples work fine.

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    JUST FOR INFO: I'm afraid that it is impossible to do a fixing anymore on an OSX OS from my side. Because I use now an AMD CPU.. )) So, maybe someone in future can fix a future bugs related to OSX..

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