Qt Ambassador gear

  • I just wanted to say thanks to awesome Qt Ambassador gear that came to my door.

    Thanks Trolls!

    For the curious, it consists of:

    So, for the Trolls who made the package, I have one question - I need ideas regarding where should I stick the "Qt Ambassador" ones? I adore them, but they are a bit too big to fit on my eee. I'm a bit of a minimalist, and the only sticker I currently have on it is 2x2cm gummy/rubbery KDE logo (which covers the ugly eeePC logo) :)

  • YAY! Good to hear you received your gear. Indeed, the stickers are a bit puffy and rather on the large size. BUT, they are way cool and you can consider sticking them on:

    • your bed post

    • your door

    • your mailbox

    • or a larger netbook/laptop :-)


  • ... or ...

    your wardrobe, your car, your laptop bag ...

  • I don't want to make rash decisions, I only have two of them ;) ... my preciousssessss...

  • I have received mine too! Thanks trolls!

    I've placed the ambassador badge in the back of my MacBook Pro and see here how gorgeous it looks like "http://www.twitpic.com/2vy73l":http://www.twitpic.com/2vy73l

  • I also have my Qt Nokia T-Shit and my stickers. It's so cool and I'm very happy with it. Big thanks to all the troll's who made this happens, and to all the Ambassadors. :)

  • [quote author="tamhanna" date="1291429167"]I still didn't get mine!

    Very angry ;).[/quote]

    You can write to qt-ambassador@nokia.com.

  • [quote author="tamhanna" date="1291437402"]hi,
    thanks but no thanks.

    If the girl who manages the product gets one slap on her hide for every email from me, she would die. Seriously.

    I sent over 100 emails in the last months. Ask my wife...[/quote]

    Over an 100 emails and no reply. Not acceptable for a program like Qt Ambassador.

    May be some Troll can forward your concerns to the appropriate person.

  • @tamhanna: I don't know the details of your issue (a hundred e-mails?) but please moderate your language, Qt Developer Network is open to people of various ages and many cultures.

    Forum rules: http://developer.qt.nokia.com/forums/rules

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