qmake generates wrong path to qrc qmlcache

  • After I installed mingw32 5.14.2 Qt I started to get strange bug in generated Makefile. My project includes a pri that has qrc file like this:
    RESOURCES += $$PWD/kbpcomponents.qrc
    In Makefile I now have this buggy line:

    Makefile: E:/projects/git/dep32/askroclient/askroclient.pro ../../../../Qt/5.14.2/mingw73_64/mkspecs/features/spec_pre.prf \
                    <skipped alot of lines>
    		E:_projects_git_dep32_qmlutils_KbpComponents_kbpcomponents_qmlcache.qrc \
    	$(QMAKE) -o Makefile E:/projects/git/dep32/askroclient/askroclient.pro -spec win32-g++ CONFIG+=qtquickcompiler

    There should not be full path to qmlcache as it is located in build directory and all slashes are replaced with underscores.
    I did not have this problem with 5.13.2. Also it does not happen with linux version of 5.14.2.

  • Ok, apparently Qt version is not a problem. The problem is caused by combination of two facts:

    1. qrc file included by path, not just name, because it's not in main project directory
    2. Build directory and project directory are on different drives (build directory is on C: and source code is on E:)

    If I switch build directory to the same drive then the problem is gone. Perhaps qmake under Windows should also replace colons with underscores, not only slashes.

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    If this worked before then you may have found a regression.

    Can you reproduce that with a minimal compilable project ?

  • I don't believe this is a regression, I just didn't try build my project on a different drive before. qmake replaces all slashes with underscores when generating qmlcache file for a qrc because file name can not contain slashes, but it forgets that under Windows there may be also a colon in the path which should be replaced too. But the colon appears only if the build directory is on a different drive, otherwise generated path is relative and does not start with drive letter.

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    Good point

    In any case, it still is a bug, you should check the bug report system to see if it's something known. If not, please open a new report providing a minimal compilable example.

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    Thanks !

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