QTCreator Kit Selector: x86-windows-msvc2019-pe-32bit and -pe-64bit not available

  • Hey guys, I recently undertook a research project at my university and have been learning how to use QT for GUI development. I was following a few tutorial to get familiarized with the IDE and was able to run them successfully.
    However, after executing one of my demos I restarted the IDE and my project no longer compiles. Similarly, I tried redoing it and started a new project, but now the Desktop options for x86 are grayed out and seem unavailable.

    I am making an educated guess that this issue will probably be the root of why I'm not able to build and run my previous projects.
    Below is a picture of how my ´Kit Selection' window looks:


    This is the error message I get when trying to compile my previous projects as well:


    And the project properties if is of any help:


    Thanks in advance everyone!

    -Erick Moreno

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What does the kit for these grayed out elements tell you ?

  • 7f2dc8d2-9fbf-4ce9-b18f-b7b5ab41ea01-image.png

    This is a ss of the message its giving me

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    It's pretty clear: you have selected the 32bit compiler for your 64bit version of Qt.

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