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What is best way to use 4bits for storing numbers.

  • Hi,
    I would like to assign values 1-15 using something like half char , 4bits instead of 8 char to compress data.

    For calculations probably need to use char.

    What would be best method for just using half bits of char and packing it sequentially to memory?

  • @Q139
    These 4 bits are called a "nibble" :) Just store 2 of them in each byte/char to pack into smallest space. Use bit-shift operators & mask to put them in/pull the out. Or, you may (well) prefer to use "bit field packing" in a struct,, for nicer support, and have the compiler do the manipulations for you, but it's essentially the same thing. Your code will be "slower" because of pack/unpack. but will occupy smaller space.

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