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LTO support not enabled in this configuration

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to build a library that I've successfully built many times on other platforms, but I have issues building it for raspberry.
    I get these errors,

    cc1plus.exe: error: LTO support has not been enabled in this configuration
    cc1plus.exe: error: -fno-fat-lto-objects are supported only with linker plugin

    I've been using qmake from raspberrypi3\toolchain\sysroots\i686-pokysdk-mingw32\ and it seems to work fine.
    Then when running make I got the errors with both the make in the sysroot bin dir, and the make versions I've used to compile the same lib for other platforms before..

    So I wonder, is this something that must be enabled in Make/gcc itself, or can I do it through conf files?
    Or will switching to linux make a difference?


  • removed every -flto and fno-fat-lto-objects from the makefiles and it worked ok.. also it left my libs in a src folder instead of the normal libs, which is odd.. but anyways, this is solved..

  • Well, did exactly the same as the other times I've built this. But it will not load the library just shows undefined references.. Though every file is where it should be and it loads the library when setting QT += ftp and I can add include <QFtp> without issues..

  • Regarding QFtp..

    I've been wanting to use it because I hate using time/money on something that already is provided.
    In total with learning how to build it, and building it for several platforms and failing on some, I guess I have used about 30 hours of work time plus..

    Today I just got to fed up with not getting it right for the raspberry platform and decided to give writing my own a shot, since I've already built a few other protocols from RFC.. And very glad I did, as I've already got the connections up and running with both control and datachannel.

    Just 4 hours in, I can do everything I wanted to do with QFtp xD Guess wanting to be the most effective made me very uneffective in this case :p

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