Fill in predefined fields of a pdf form

  • Hi everyone, I have a question to ask you to solve my problem:
    i have a qt c ++ desktop application that through a form makes me enter values ​​in predefined fields (text, checkbox, etc. etc.).
    Once I have finished entering the data, I would like to create a pdf (already filled in) that takes all the fields entered from the Interface.
    The pdf is already compiled in the header and in the label part of the field names, I just want to fill it with the values ​​entered in the interface. Do you have any suggestions to give me?
    thank you if you want to help me

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  • I'm not sure if I understand the question correctly, but If you have already solved how to add labels for the field names then just add more QLabels for the data that was entered to the fields.

  • @Safer said in Fill in predefined fields of a pdf form:

    The pdf is already compiled in the header and in the label part of the field names

    What does this mean?

    Is this a question about what programatic interface is available for a PDF file (external?) to accept values and put them into suitable places in the PDF? Or something else?

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  • @JonB

    Difficult to explain it in words on the forum, however you hit the question. I have an external pdf file (for example a classic form to fill in by hand that we usually use in public offices, to make self-certifications, etc. etc.). I created a qt interface to fill in those empty fields of the pdf form. Basically, I have to connect the interface items to the appropriate spaces on the pdf. I hope now I have been able to explain better

  • @Safer
    So, not that I know, you need to Google for something like code insert values into pdf, for which there are hits to investigate, and find whatever is best from C++.

  • @JonB Nothing...i can not find anything.. Yet is simple...I have a modular pdf (fields are editable and have a unique name). I would like to be able to intercept all these modules editabilie reading file through the path folder and fill in the fields with a set

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