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Help with Upload Folders in JavaScript

  • Hello,

    this is my last Chance to get my JavaScript Sourcecode for Uploading Folders in qtwebengine.

    It works with the code:

    function uploadFiles(files) {
        // Create a new HTTP requests, Form data item (data we will send to the server) and an empty string for the file paths.
        var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
        var data = new FormData();
        var paths = "";
        // Loop through the file list
        for (var i in files) {
            // Append the current file path to the paths variable (delimited by tripple hash signs - ###)
            paths += files[i].webkitRelativePath + "###";
            // Append current file to our FormData with the index of i
            data.append(i, files[i]);
        // Append the paths variable to our FormData to be sent to the server
        // Currently, As far as I know, HTTP requests do not natively carry the path data
        // So we must add it to the request manually.
        data.append('paths', paths);
        // Open and send HHTP requests to upload.php'POST', "ajax/progress_ordner.php", true);

    the Code works fine in all Browsers including Chrome/Chromium on Windows but in QTWebEngine (on Windows too) there are no "files[i].webkitRelativePath" entries...

    please help!


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