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Best practice to develop multiple views QML/QT Application

  • Hello QT Forums!
    I am designing a desktop application to do many things! One involves an initial setup that you have to do once, while the rest is loaded in through AWS once that one time configuration is done. Coming from a web developer background, I am very used to creating new states throughout an application. I feel though I would be doing wrong and not following a standard that seems to have been set in QT/QML. Right now I am scaffolding my app to use multiple QML files with .ui.qml files in each one + passing the engine (QQmlApplicationEngine) as a raw pointer throughout my application. My application plans to have multiple different views and states based on data. What would be the right approach in this situation? one single QML with multiple windows to load? or am I on the right track?

  • @andrew24wow

    With me, I use SwipeView for swiping many views. You can try it, refer document here:

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