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Please need help: Tableview withs Columns delegate items COMBOBOX

  • Hi,everyone,please, I have a tableview with deferent TableViewColum that contains items such as combobox labels and buttons , I want to get access to the property of each item like the currentindex of combobox and the text in labels haow to it foim c++?

  • Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase neeeed help? anyone here can help me

  • @ENSAO_CHEIKH It's difficult because you haven't given us much information about what you have already done and what exactly you are trying to achieve.

    What sort of model are you populating your table view from? I guess it's not a C++ model because I don't think you would be asking this question if it were. But I could be wrong.

    All I can suggest is that if you do not already have a C++ model it might make sense to start using one.

  • Hi, @Bob64 , so my project is about filling a tableVIEW created from QML this one contains in colomuns : 1 button ,3 combobox , chexbox and labels, so the problem that i found is how get access to all these items in the tableview so that i can change their values and properties like the model of th combobox or the checked of checkbox ......, I tried to use objectname but it doesn't work, so how to this? neeeed help please

  • @ENSAO_CHEIKH ok, so if I have understood, your model is in QML - maybe a TableModel? In general I believe that trying to access and manipulate QML objects from C++ is discouraged. For your particular case, it still seems to me that moving your model to your C++ backend (see QAbstractItemModel) might be the best approach. I'm afraid I have never tried to access a QML model from C++ so I am sorry I cannot help with that.

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