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Rounded rectangle

  • Hallo,

    I designed an app on my Ubuntu 18.04 laptop using QPixmap to cut off the edges of a png file and have a rounded rectangle as result.

    The goal is to have a pushbutton with a DAB station logo.

    This works without problems. The app should be used on a pi, so i compiled it on a 3b runing stretch and installed qt-default.

    Compiling went well, no problems, but starting the app is not possible. I remembered some opengl issues with stock qt on pi and so i removed the QPixmap part having a rectangle pushbutton as result, but this way it works.

    So is there another possibility to cut off the edges without using QPixmap or any other opengl dependend instance?


    P.s. compiling qt on pi is no option, as most users who will use this program for there DAB/FM dongle don't know how to do this.

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    How are you currently doing the cutting ?

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