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Can't build qt-creator from git

  • I can build Qt from git just fine. Both 5.13.2 and 5.14.2. But try as I may I am unable to build qt-creator from git no matter what git bracnch I try, I always get C++ compilation errors, either 4.11 or 4.12. I am on Fedora 32 using llvm/clang. At this stage I wont detain people with the errors, just wanting to get a high level understanding of what I am fundamentally missing. What is the correct version tag set fo Qt and qt-creator to get a successful build.

    I don't see many messages here about this sort of failure, so I am very much scratching my head.

    Happy to post error output on request.

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    @andro Did you see this: ?
    As you do not provide any details it is hard to say what the problem is.

  • Thanks. I followed that precisely.

    I didn't post the errors yet as I get a different failure with each different combination of git branches. What do versions do you use for a clean build?

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    @andro I do not build QtCreator by myself as there is no need for me to do so.
    Any stable version should build as this is what QtCompany releases.

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    Hi @andro,

    There is a readme file in the source repo:

    I compile Creator myself often on Ubuntu 18.04, as I'm submitting patches to Creator.

    I usually have a Qt version from the online installer (like 5.14.1) and just open in the installed Creator and then build. So far this runs very smoothly.

    I do, however exclude the QBS plugin and the Clang Code Model, as I don't have the corresponding development packages installed.

    Maybe you want to try a build without clang first?


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