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Windows 7 still supporting ?

  • Hi..
    I'm going to buy a very old computer Core 2Duo CPU with Windows 7, it will has the purporse for only developing with Qt, but it supports only Windows 7, is there still support Qt 5.14 for Windows 7 platform or better forget buying it?.. the price is very very cheap (about US40)


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    Windows 7 is still supported as development target - Qt will compile and run on it. I am not sure if Qt Creator still supports Win7, though.

    but it supports only Windows 7

    Install some lightweight Linux distribution there. It will run faster, be more secure and won't suddenly drop support.

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    @U7Development Microsoft doesn't support Windows7 any more, are you sure you want to go that route?

  • Thanks, someone gave me a similar computer so i did not process the buy... Installed for now Windows 7, but plan to install soon a light weight Linux distribution.


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