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Q3DSurface transparent objects

  • I need to visualize three intersecting ellipsoids of different sizes and shapes in 3d.
    I need them to be coloured to know the origin of each and I need to see details of intersection, so I need them to be partially transparent. For each ellipsoid I use separate QSurface3DSeries.
    When I try to set-up transparency via QSurface3DSeries::setBaseColor(const QColor &) with Alpha value of QColor, I get an effect as if the colour is mixed with white, but remains opaque.
    I was ready to use QSurface3DSeries::setDrawMode(QSurface3DSeries::DrawWireframe) to see the internals somehow, but in this case I am not able to setup different wire colours for different QSurface3DSerie.

    Could somebody provide any idea?

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