Probleme with dependency

  • Hey everyone,
    I’ve downloaded and installed Qt SDK 1.1.4. Created a QML project it works fine with the Qt simulator but when i tried to get it work on my phone i get this error

    Missing dependency: Qt Quick components for Symbian, need version 1.00(0) or newer' Code: 131073

    i've instaled the symbian package too

    (sorry for my bad english)

  • You get this error if your phone missing some Qt components. The simple and common solution is to run Smart Installer Package. In Qt Creator open Projects -> Symbian Device -> Run -> Create SIS Package (expand this) -> Create Smart Installer package.

    You have to run this once, after that you can run your app without this option. Saves lots of time.

  • You will also find the missing .sis files in the Start menu in Qt SDK under Symbian. You can also just install them in the correct order if you don't want to create a smart installer (yet).

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