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learning to use PySide2

  • This is not a tecnical question, but a notice to the community of users learning python/Pyside2/SQL, that I am eager to share what I have learned (so far).
    My goal is to develop software for my buisness, to handle such things as salaries, payments, inventory, file management and value added taxes.

    One of the first things I learned was that, although obviously the result of some serious work by many dedicated people and technically correct,
    the documentation is still incomplete and often frustrating.
    Second, even if you learn how to use all the bits and pieces in the documentation,
    you still have no guide to putting it all together into a functional project.
    Third, despite all the features and promises of the various IDES available, there is no substitute for planning exactly what you want to do,
    and then repeatedly coding-testing-debugging, until you understand how to do it.
    Finally, I found that the quickest way to learn was not by deduction or trial and error, but by imitation.
    In otherwords, I learn fastest when I play around with well written functional projects related to my interests.

    Unfortunately, I never found projects on the Internet that aligned with my goals - so after many false starts, I wrote my own.

    In the hopes that they might be useful to others, I uploaded them to GitHub.

    You can refer to them at:

    Template provides the basis for a skeletal MenuWindow and an empty subwindow with a toolbar

    SimpleDBDemo provides everything I usually need to manage a singe database table, including:
    filtering, sorting, editing, adding, deleting rows
    plus direct printing of forms and preview printing of (possibly filtered) lists

    Happy coding .... Tim

  • Banned

    Tim would you like a critical review of this code that you created from a senior software engineer that has gone through a very much similar process with python-qt. One who also saw such a need to provide factual information that they started a free online lab-like classroom-like Discord message server to help other struggling programmers and newbies. The amount of misinformation out there and proponents of wrongful coding methodologies was in my opinion rather staggering and the tenacity that these individuals hold onto known poor coding techniques is just beyond comprehension (yet still basic human nature). I offer this free from one programmer to another but wanted to make sure you open to this kind of feedback before doing so. As some folks take this kind of assistance in the totally wrong way.

  • @Denni-0
    I feel good about what I have learned to do so far, but I am sure I can do more and better.
    Any comments would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks, Tim from Cochabamba, Bolivia

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