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Compile/run current Qt 5.12.4 App to run it on old MacOS 10.10

  • Hi, I'm trying to run an application developed with Qt 5.12.4 on MacOS 10.10.

    Seems the current build binaries requires MacOS 10.15 (the version I use).

    The Qt Application is very straightforward and doesn't use any fancy new functionalities, so there should not be any reason to doesn't alloy it to run on older MacOS versions.

    There is here any flag or parameter I can add to the .pro file to allow it to run on MacOS 10.10?


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Apple usually supports the last three major versions of their OS.

    If you want to support older system, you should use an older version of their SDK which usually means an older version of Xcode.

    One way of doing that is to use a virtual machine with an "old enough" version of macOS.

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