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How to save QByteArray in postgresql

  • Hi!
    Created an oid column in postgresql for storing QByteArray.
    I read that oid is an analog of BLOOD, the BLOB itself is not in my database.
    But with this type of data I can't write QByteArray, I get this error:
    However, only this query works with the oid (only a number is written to this data type):

    INSERT INTO public.categories(
        name, image)
        VALUES ( 'hh', 100);

    Please tell me how to write QByteArray ? To some other data type?

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    You should provide:

    • the code that you are using to create the query
    • the table schema
    • the version of Qt you are using
    • the version of PostgreSQL you are running
    • the OS you are running

  • Postgre 12
    Qt 5.14
    windows 7 64 bit

    -- Table: public.categories
    -- DROP TABLE public.categories;
    CREATE TABLE public.categories
        id integer NOT NULL DEFAULT nextval('categories_id_seq'::regclass),
        name text COLLATE pg_catalog."default",
        image oid,
        CONSTRAINT categories_pkey PRIMARY KEY (id)
    TABLESPACE pg_default;
    ALTER TABLE public.categories
        OWNER to postgres;


    void DataBase::addCategories(QString name, QByteArray image)
        QSqlQuery query;
        query.prepare("INSERT INTO public.categories ("
                      "name, "
                      "image "
                      ") VALUES ( "
                      ":name, "
                      ":image "
                      " ) ;");
            query.bindValue(":name", name);
            query.bindValue(":image", image);
            if (!query.exec()) {
                /*qDebug()<<"not write";*/
                QTextStream out(stdout);
                out<<"not write \r\n";
                out<<query.lastError().text()<<" \r\n";
            else {
                QTextStream out(stdout);
                out<<"write \r\n";

    QByteArray image:

        QByteArray bArray;
        QBuffer buffer(&bArray);;, "BMP");
        QString imageString("data:image/bmp;base64,");
       QByteArray image;
       image += imageString;

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    Why are you doing all these QString conversions ? You are working with QByteArray, QString is not the same. It stores data as UTF-16. There's really no need for that.

  • I write the string in json and pass it to the server, and the server writes it to the database. But how do I write Qbytearray to postgresql?

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    @Mikeeeeee said in How to save QByteArray in postgresql:

    But how do I write Qbytearray to postgresql?

    By simply passing the QByteArray to bindValue() and using a proper datatype. If you want a blob, use a bytea. If it should be a json string to use by postgresql, use json or jsonb (but it must be a QString then iirc)

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