Qt Creator 4.12rc failed to start: no platform found

  • Hi all,
    I know this thread already exists somewhere, but with windows 7. I have freshly installed the RC on Ubuntu 18.04 with the maintenance tool, so I guess everything needed should be there. QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS gives me the hint, that
    "Tools/Preview/Qt Creator 4.12.0-rc1/bin/../lib/Qt/lib/libQt5Core.so.5: version `Qt_5.15' not found"
    which is true. In this location, only 5.14.2 exists. This leads me to two questions: why doesn't it take the libs from $QTDIR, and/or why are v5.15 not installed?
    Is this an error in the packaging? Strange enough, on Windows I did not have those problems...

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    Hi @slesa,

    I'm not exactly sure where your problem originates from, but why don't you install 4.12 final? It has been released 3 weeks ago: https://www.qt.io/blog/qt-creator-4.12-released

    I use this version on my Ubuntu 18.04 without problems.


  • This is... ehhh.. a very good question. I think it was a mismatch between an update, the visit of the virtual conference and the things I've seen there (Python, Window UI). Sorry.

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