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Database passwords

  • When an application connects to a MySQL database a password is required. Moreover, the password should be rather long, in order to provide strong security. In theory that is all good, but users do not like remembering long passwords. Is there a Qt way of dealing with this issue?

  • @Buller said in Database passwords:

    Is there a Qt way of dealing with this issue?

    No, not particularly. Depending on your application, you might save the password somewhere and re-use it so that the user does not have to enter it each time, or there is the ~/.my.cnf file, and/or you might make it so you have one username + password for the application to log onto the database under instead of the user logging onto it. But that is not special to Qt.

  • don't let them connect directly to the database, but use a REST interface through a web service.

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