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MSVC 2015 32 bit support

  • Hello everybody, is there a Qt 5.12 + version that supports MSVC 2015 32 bit?
    All of them seem to support only 64 bit, any help would be great.


  • No, there's only 64bit for MSVC2015.
    But there are both 32bit and 64 bit for MSVC2017.
    If you want MSVC2015 32bit, you can build Qt from source code.
    I find out that there's MSVC2015 32bit in 5.12.0.
    It's abandoned since 5.12.1.

  • I couldn't find it in Qt 5.12.0, are you sure of this?

  • @Ahmadinho Oh, sorry, I was checking the Qt online installer repository and I saw a qt.qt5.5120.win32_msvc2015 folder.
    So I thought there is a 32bit one of MSVC2015.
    But now I find out that it is empty :(
    So, no, there's not.

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