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output test results to stdout using -o

  • The Qt Test overview specifies that the test log can be output to stdout this way: -o filename,format
    "[-o filename,format] Writes output to the specified file, in the specified format (one of txt, xml, lightxml, xunitxml or tap). The special filename - may be used to log to standard output."

    Here it says that a special filename can be used to route it to stdout. I have tried using "-" as the filename but this doesn't register, and instead I get "-o needs an extra parameter specifying the filename and optional format"

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Brynnjolf Did you also specify the format?

  • yeah, the syntax I've used is -o -,txt

  • I should have specified that I am trying to log in multiple formats simultaneously. My bad.

    From your link:
    "The first version of the -o option (-o filename,format), may be repeated in order to log test results in multiple formats, but no more than one instance of this option can log test results to standard output."

    So, if I want to log to a file and stdout simultaneously, I believe this is the only option.

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