QtQuickControls2 Examples of Qt WebAssembly won't work well

  • I built both the threaded(configure with -feature-thread) and non-threaded(configure without -feature-thread) versions of Qt Wasm using the following environments:
    Qt: 5.14.2
    emsdk: ./emsdk install sdk-fastcomp-1.38.30-64bit
    OS: CentOS8.1
    GCC: 8.3

    Most of the examples build and run well.
    However, with threaded build, all the QtQuickControls2 examples lead to a massive CPU usage and a continuous huge memory increase while the browser compiling the apps.
    And with the non-threaded build, the "gallery" app works fine but all other apps in the QtQuickControls2 examples just freeze while compiling(keep display "compiling").

    Does anyone know why? Thanks for your help.

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