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MediaPlayer to control several VideoOutput

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to play several videos (several views of the same scene) at the same time. And I need to have them all in sync, i.e. playing exactly the same frame at the same time. I was hoping to use only one MediaPlayer to control them, but I don't see a proper way to do that.
    I guess I could use a main "MediaPlayer/VideoOutput" couple to set the position of all the others but it doesn't seem efficient and I'm afraid that they won't be all in sync.
    I could also write to an Image, or a QPixmap I guess and reimplement the MediaPlayer myself, but as it will be more time consuming I'm asking myself if there is a better solution...

    I would love to have feedbacks if anyone has already done something similar.

    Thanks !

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    You might want check KDE's Kdenlive. Advanced video editing is outside of the scope of the QtMultimedia module.

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