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Building Qt from source question

  • I’ve downloaded the offline installer file onto my ubuntu 18.04 system. Running that .run file seems to build all of the Qt libraries. Now I want to modify source files in 5.14.2/Src/qtdatavis3d/src/datavisualization/engine. How exactly do I rebuild just the appropriate libraries affected by the change? Do I run qmake or make in a particular directory? I am trying to follow instructions on the Qt for Linux/X11 - Building from Source page, but those don't seem to apply to my system. E.g. that page refers to a configure file at the top level of the distribution, which doesn't exist on my system. Is there a guide specifically describing how to modify source from the offline installer?


  • I located 5.14.2/Src/qtdatavis3d/ I ran qmake in this directory, which generates a Makefile. Then when I modify sources in this directory, it properly rebuilds the affected libraries in 5.14.2/Src/qtdatavis3d/lib. But my application project's Makefile (also generated from the project's .pro file with qmake) look for libraries in /5.14.2/gcc_64/lib. I then run 'make install' and the libraries are properly copied to the /5.14.2/gcc_64/lib. Problem solved.

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