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Qt VS Tools and uic

  • I have some ui files in my project in subdir "ui".

    The options for Qt VS Tools say uic should place the output files into: .\Generated Files

    If however I go into the VS project settings, and go to the QT User Interface Compiler section, I see:


    Which is placing the output files (for an x64 Debug build) in the:


    sub-directory of the project - which rather seems to conflict with the Qt VS Tools value.

    This of course means that the generated header files are not found as the C++ include path contains only .\GeneratedFiles$(ConfigurationName);.\GeneratedFiles;

    Similar comments apply to the Project settings for moc and rcc.

    It's not clear to me if I did something wrong or whether Qt VS Tools didn't set the project up properly.

    Either way, please could you advise me what I need to change so the output files are created in the "advertised" locations (i.e. under "Generated Files")? I can make fairly educated guesses but would prefer to have the "correct" answer.


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