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Assigning Qt Item to Property

  • Hello Qt Friends :),

    I have created following item named BasicStyle.qml:

    import QtQuick 2.0
    Item {
    	property color backgroundColor: "red"

    and item OtherStyle.qml that 'derives' from it:

    import QtQuick 2.0
    BasicStyle {
    	backgroundColor: "green"

    Now I would like to use like this:

    import QtQuick 2.12
    import QtQuick.Window 2.12
    Window {
    	visible: true
    	width: 640
    	height: 480
    	title: qsTr("Hello World")
    //	property BasicStyle basicStyle: BasicStyle
    	property BasicStyle basicStyle: OtherStyle
    	color: basicStyle.backgroundColor

    However all I can get is:

    QML debugging is enabled. Only use this in a safe environment.
    qrc:/main.qml:13: TypeError: Cannot read property 'backgroundColor' of null
    qrc:/main.qml:11:2: Unable to assign QQuickWindowQmlImpl_QML_1 to BasicStyle_QMLTYPE_0

    Do you have any idea what I'm missing here?

  • @poor_robert hi
    please see Style Singleton here

    @poor_robert said in Assigning Qt Item to Property:

    Do you have any idea what I'm missing here?

    i think you need brackets after OtherStyle to make it work

    property BasicStyle basicStyle: OtherStyle{}

  • @LeLev Thank you sir :-). I already have seen the styling singleton. However I didn't want to use it.

    Thanks for pointing missing: {}. Adding brackets solved the problem.

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