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Add new machine to meta-boot2qt

  • Goodmorning,
    I write you since I've been trying to add layer (warrior version) to meta-boot2qt. For this purpose, I've referred to:

    These are the steps that I followed:

    • Create folder b2qt

    • Launch command: repo init -u git:// -m v5.14.2.xml

    • Launch command: repo sync (with this command all the meta-layer folders are created)

    • Modify the manifest file adding the sunxi layer (the manifest file is contained in b2qt/sources/meta-boot2qt/scripts/manifest.xml not in conf/manifest.xml as explained in the guide):
      <!-- Banana Pi -->
      <project name="meta-sunxi"

    • Add a sample bblayers in b2qt/sources/meta-boot2qt/meta-boot2qt-distro/conf named bblayers.conf.sunxi.sample

    • Add a configuration file in b2qt/sources/meta-boot2qt/meta-boot2qt-distro/conf/distro/include folder for the machines that I'm going to build, in my case bananapi.conf (the problem with this file is that there is a banana.conf in meta-sunxi, but it has several includes that it's hard to have in a different folder, need help here)

    • I launch the command repo init -u /home/davide/b2qt/sources/meta-sunxi -m /home/davide/b2qt/sources/meta-boot2qt/scripts/manifest.xml -b warrior
      I get the following error:
      fatal: manifest '/home/davide/b2qt/sources/meta-boot2qt/scripts/manifest.xml' not available
      fatal: remote sunxi not defined in /home/davide/b2qt/sources/meta-boot2qt/scripts/manifest.xml

    Thank you in advanced.

    Best Regards,

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