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Gdb in qtcreator does'n stop in any breakepoint - win 7 64bits

  • Hello, im new to qt developing and a have some issues with gdb in windows 7 64.
    When i start the debugger it hits none breakpoints. My project is configured to debug, and i cant debug nothing.

  • Are you starting debugging by F5(icon: green triangle with bug)?

  • I see this too. It happens most often when I am debugging a console mode application (which I regularly use to develop individual components before adding them to the main application).

    It seems to me that the console program finishes before the debugger even gets a chance go start up.

    My workaround is to add some sort of time-waster at the beginning of each console mode program: either a large for loop or a prompt to press a key. These methods will slow the program down enough for the debugger to catch up.

    The time-waster method is 100% successful, compared with 100% failure without it.

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    Could you please consider to "file a bug report":, incl. the debugger log (top left of the debug mode IIRC, if you did not change the layout that is;-).

  • Dear Júlio,
    I can reproduce the bug. Thanks for the workaround hint.

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