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Commercial application for Windows and MAC OSX

  • This is a very basic question.

    Do I need to pay for commercial QT license if I am willing to make a QT application for Windows\Mac OS.

    If yes , How the licensing is done for e.g per developer or something else ?? Will one license be suffice for Windows and MAC both or I need to buy a seperate license both both ??

    Please overlook my ignorance as I am new at this.Your help will be very much appreciated .

  • No, you do not need to pay for a licence, if using an LGPL version of Qt is acceptable to you. Basicly, this means that you link againt them dynamicaly*, and that you release any changes you make to these libraries.

    If you want to buy a commercial licence, you have almost no restrictions in how you use the Qt libraries. Get in contact with Digia for details on their offerings. You can buy a multi-platform licence, and their licences are per named developer (though you can get bulk licences if you need quite a few of them).

    Please just have a read through the LGPL licence and try to understand what it means. Note that this is not legal advice; you should get a laywer if in doubt.

  • You have to pay at least to the I-have-spelled-Qt-wrong jar. Twice.

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