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Different behavior of QMessageBox in Mac that in Windows

  • I have this code that shows a pop up with a message while a time-consuming operation runs. When the operation ends the message dissapear.

    This works fine in mac but in Windows, the pop up appears and disapears inmediatly.

    How can I fix this?

    void myMainWindow::loadingModal(QString msg)
        QMessageBox msgBox(pqCoreUtilities::mainWidget());
        msgBox.setText("<p align='center'>" + msg + "</p>");
        msgBox.setStyleSheet("margin-right: 20px;"
                             "margin-top: 20px;"
                             "color: rgb(72, 66, 66);"
                             "font-family: NunitoSans-SemiBold;"
                             "font-size: 14px;"
                             "font-weight: 600;");;
    void myMainWindow::btn_calculate_pressed()
       // code
       loadingModal("Wait until calculation ends.")
       // time-consuming task starts

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    It's just sheer luck that it is working on macOS and I would even go further saying it's a bug.

    The call to show is not blocking hence you reach the end of the method and msgBox gets destroyed so you won't see it.

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