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DrawLine using QPaintedItem is not proper

  • Hi ,
    I am trying to draw wave forms using QPaintedItem with drawLine .
    When i try to draw continuous line with real time data i can see some pixels are getting missed .

    With same data if i draw using charview (lineseries,valueAxis) drawing is perfect.

    can somebody help what can be issue ? Should i set anything before drawing ?

    I am using QPen to draw right now .

    Thanks in advance .

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Its hard to guess at with no code but
    maybe its due to double to int capping and not doing rounding.

    Can you show your draw code ?

  • void DrawGraph::updateGraph(qreal x, qreal y)
    QPointF newpoint(xPlotPosition,yPlotPosition);
    line = QLineF(lastPoint, newpoint);
    lastPoint = newpoint;



    void DrawGraph::paint(QPainter *painter)

    void DrawGraph::drawGraph(QPainter *painter)

    painter->drawLine(line); // QLineF line;


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    Seems fine
    what types are xPlotPosition,yPlotPosition ?

  • xPlotPosition and yPlotPosition are qreal type

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    I would inspect newpoint.x() and see how much its truncated
    comapred to the xPlotPosition

    Also maybe turn on antialiasing for QPainter

    but it really looks like it get truncated.

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