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display ListView on z-axis (front-to-back) possible?

  • I just installed Lubuntu on my computer and am trying to modify the login screen. I have never used QML or QtQuick before, and I have very limited experience with coding and mark-up.

    I note that QML's Listview can be Horizontal (x-axis) or Vertical (y-axis), but I would like to display a list of items on top of each other (basically, z-axis) so that focusing on each displays it (basically, on top of the others).

    I'm guessing this can't be done with Listview and that I have to create multiple Rectangle layers on top of each other and then somehow display or hide them (but not sure how that would be done), but that seems like a very clunky solution.

    Any advice about this?

  • This is typically done using a StackView with Push() and Pop(). You can override the default transitions to achieve the effect you desire. See

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