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QtCreator Designer and QtGraphicalEffects 1.xx issue

  • Hello,

    When using any of the components from QtGraphicalEffects in QtCreator Designer, it is working (produces the expected results) at runtime, but I cannot see the changes in the form editor since designer reports an error on the component creation.
    cf pic below:

    2020-05-01 13_49_22-.png

    I found a bug tracker that I believe is linked to this problem:

    Does anyone have a workaround? Because I would love to see the effect when I'm animating its value with a timeline.

    Thank you.

  • A little update:

    If I comment the line "plugin qtgraphicaleffectsplugin" in the qmldir, I get the effect preview in the form editor of Creator.
    But of course at runtime I get the error "module "QtGraphicalEffects" version 1.12 is not installed" because the dll isn't loaded.
    Thank you.

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